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Beautiful Movement 

Winter Biking in Minneapolis

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Five Ideas From Buddhism That Everyone Should Know About

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DFD on “Thinking Clearly”

I was recently very honored to spend time discussing mindfulness, consciousness compassion and neuroscience with blogger of “Thinking Clearly” Martina Feyzrakhmanova MD of Dublin, Ireland. Check out the first part our conversation: Thinking Clearly 

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Thought for the day.

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Snow angel or visitation in our driveway?

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In a Rhino, Everything

In a Rhino, Everything Charles Eisenstein is a profound thinker and philosopher…a 21st century Thoreau or Emerson. This short essay is a heartfelt encapsulation of his thought that speaks to so many issues we confront. Please consider taking a few … Continue reading

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Lord: it is time. The summer was immense. Let fall your shadows on the sundials,upon the fields let loose your winds. Command the last fruits to be full;  give them just two more southern days, Press them to completion, and … Continue reading

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Prison Yoga Teachers 

I have recently been honored to serve on the board of the Daya Foundation a small non-profit in Portland Oregon founded by visionary yoga teacher and tireless advocate for justice Sarahjoy Marsh. DAYA stands for Devoloping Accessible Yoga Alternatives. Daya … Continue reading

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Mind and Body

There are more things under heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.  W. Shakespeare in “Hamlet”   Even in the modern world among scientists and scientifically oriented physicians, belief systems play a controlling role in our … Continue reading

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Be Nobody

Be Nobody

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