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Book Alert!

Best selling author of Buddha’s Brain neuropsychologist Rick Hanson has just published a new book, Hardwiring Happiness: The New Brain Science of Contentment, Calm and Confidence. I haven’t finished it yet, but it is really great so far. You, I, … Continue reading

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This Tuesday night I had a rare and memorable experience, a feeling that I had brushed up against an external force unseen but protectively present. It was Emma’s Tuesday night Ashtanga guided primary series class. I was set up as … Continue reading

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Life’s Battles

One of the great gifts of mindfulness generated through meditation is increased resiliency. Lets face it: tough times are an integral part of life. We see this all around us. In the news we are dazed and numbed by repeated … Continue reading

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Yoga in the 21st Century: a book review

After spending months reading drafts of the pieces in this collection, I find myself feeling hopeful about the direction in which yoga is going. What I see in this collection is a fearless exploration of personal experience, an investigation of … Continue reading

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Mindfulness in Medical School

Seated, cross-legged on the floor of gate 35A, Washington National Airport, life swirls chaotically by while 10 minutes of mindfulness meditation preserves equanimity, calmness and open heartedness. Mindfulness, or voluntary, non-judgmental awareness in the moment is a human trait which … Continue reading

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Positive Emotions

In his 2009 book, the Dalai Lama outlines methods to achieve happiness in a troubled world. Key are the cultivation of positive emotions to combat the effects of negative aspects of modern life. He recommends contemplation of our social nature, … Continue reading

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Tears of Joy

One thing that many people experience in yoga or meditation is tears. I attended a Max Strom workshop once in which Max related this to unearthing hidden emotional trauma. I think that this can be true and that there can … Continue reading

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I was biking home on our local rail trail – The Swamp Rabbit – on Tuesday when I happened to share part of the ride with Don. “Hey isn’t that a Raleigh International?” I asked. “I remember wanting one of … Continue reading

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