Economies and Ecology

The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland just concluded on on Jan. 25th. At this meeting of economists and policy makers, two presentations were given based on current articles in Science and Anthropecene Review that argue that the world is at a tipping point for sustaining life as we know it, (see above to link to a summary) – that is, life dominated by human societies. Moreover, they argue that it is world economic systems that inherently value exploitation of the earth and its resources above all else, that result in this rush to ruin. To this I would add that it is the greatest political failure of the world’s governments to address this unfolding catastrophe.

Looking at the strip- mined mountains of West Virginia, the thousands of miles of bulldozed Siberian forests, the bleached coral reefs, the vast parking lots of suburbia, the disintegrating health of Americans, the generation of child cancer victims around the world, the despair of the poor and the ennui of the rich, is there any doubt where we are headed? Is there any doubt that we are creating Hell on earth?
Charles Eisenstein The Ascent of Hummanity: Civilization and the Human Sense of Self

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