Emotion Felt in the Body

Our conference, Transforming Health Care Through Compassion held on October 25th, was a big hit. We had about 80 participants, not too bad for a first time event with a less than effective marketing plan. Should I be surprised? Compassion is a topic that resonates in our minds but more importantly in our hearts. We may think about feelings but when we experience them genuinely we feel them in our bodies. It’s true! Research shows that the same systems in our brains that sense pain in our bodies experience emotional pain as well. Tylenol blocks the pain of social rejection. Tylenol makes it all better

Fortunately the feelings I’m letting in right now don’t need Tylenol, they’re all good. All of our speakers were great but my favorite was Susan Bauer-Wu. Not only is she a distinguished scientist and gifted speaker, she is a tireless and generous soul filled with compassion: a true bodhisattva if I’ve ever met one.

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