Yoga in the 21st Century: a book review

After spending months reading drafts of the pieces in this collection, I find myself feeling hopeful about the direction in which yoga is going. What I see in this collection is a fearless exploration of personal experience, an investigation of which can help us collectively navigate the challenges of postmodern life. In particular, I’m optimistic that we are close to reaching a place where we are open to even more respectful discussion and collaboration. Obviously, I’m biased. But I do believe that 21st Century Yoga has something unique and groundbreaking to add to the evolving “canon of yoga literature.”

(2012-09-19). 21st Century Yoga: Culture, Politics, and Practice . Kleio Books. Kindle Edition.

I find it appropriate to start this review with the closing comments of Roseanne Harvey who along with Carol Horton edits this collection of remarkable essays that examine and seek to explain the current practice of yoga in North America. This is a unique work. As Harvey points out, yoga books tend to either concentrate on asana or philosophy. None have attempted to corral the current status of yoga as it exists in this place and at this time. The result: ten thoughtful and at times profound essays plus an introduction and conclusion that would stand on their own.

If you care about yoga you owe it to yourself to read this thought provoking volume. But even you have never done yoga but value well written sharply reasoned analysis into an important aspect of current culture this is a book you should read. Definitely 5-stars!



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