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Positive Emotions

In his 2009 book, the Dalai Lama outlines methods to achieve happiness in a troubled world. Key are the cultivation of positive emotions to combat the effects of negative aspects of modern life. He recommends contemplation of our social nature, … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day

Wislawa Szymborska is my favorite poet. I first heard her work many years ago on an NPR segment in which Mark Strand, then poet laureate of the United States described her as the greatest living poet. Shortly before she had … Continue reading

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Tears of Joy

One thing that many people experience in yoga or meditation is tears. I attended a Max Strom workshop once in which Max related this to unearthing hidden emotional trauma. I think that this can be true and that there can … Continue reading

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Mindful Economics

This is a bit of a departure from the usual DFD post. Please take some time read and reflect on this in a mindful way. Remember it is important to see things as they are not as we would like … Continue reading

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I have been doing yoga for about 2 years only.  A lot of yoga but for a brief time. Although I have been accused of being ansana boy at times my response has consistently been that daily practice and frequent … Continue reading

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Yoga has the power to heal even when cure is not available. I am moved by the story of a disabled Gulf war vet who used the power of yoga to heal his mind body and spirit. The Healing Power … Continue reading

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